About Phoenix Computer Repairs and its team

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Marco Segovia, Owner and all around good guy

    Marco Segovia has worked in information technology for over 8 years and holds a BS in Management / Information Systems from DeVry University, where he graduated summa cum laude, as well as a BA in Chicano Studies / French language from UC Riverside. In September of 2013, he received a Master’s of Business Administration / Information Systems, from the University of Redlands, where he graduated cum laude.

Marco started his career in IT working at a major electronics store (Best Buy in Riverside) as a computer sales person. In less than a year, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, Marco became a member of that company’s Geek Squad team. However, after a few months Marco began having an ethical conflict regarding customer service and decided it was time to move on.

A little later in his career, Marco worked as the head computer technician at Circuit City in Riverside. Because he was now able to have a say in both the people that were brought on to his team, and in how the repair work was done, both the quality of the repair work, and customer satisfaction increased. Because of the way Marco managed his team, everyone learned a lot of new ways of repairing computer problems by freely trading ideas and working together to come up with new, and better, ways of repairing computers. Unfortunately, Circuit City closed, and Marco had to move on.

Now that Phoenix Computer Repairs has opened its doors, Marco intends to use all of the training and knowledge he has to always give the customer the best possible solution to their problems; even if that solution doesn’t always make the most money. If the customer comes first, everything else will follow.

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    Carolyn Hall, Number 2, and Marco's Right Hand Woman

        Carolyn is Marco’s Wife, and right hand woman; she makes sure that Marco doesn’t go crazy working to make things too perfect for his clients. When he is out on a job, or at his day job as a System Administrator working for TLC Tech in Sacramento, she is the one that takes care of business checking people in for a repair, or checking people out once everything is done. If you stop by the “shop” (home office) and Marco is not there, she is the one that will be assisting you.