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     While working with another company, I was able to meet the very nice people who own Rancho Drivetrain Engineering in Temecula, CA. At Rancho Drivetrain, Tony and Teri design and manufacturer lots of engine parts for different racing vehicles. I won’t pretend to know exactly what it is that they do, but their shop looks really cool with all those machines. What they needed my help with is building them a new, custom computer.

     The current Dell Rancho Drivetrain had wasn’t too old, but with all the CAD and Solidworks designing they were doing, their machine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. What they had was a core duo with 3 gigs of ram. I had sold them an ATI 6970 video card as a band-aid a few months back, but it was now time for a major upgrade.

     After talking with them to figure out their exact needs, a budget, and a time-frame, we were all set to build them a monster. The following is what we ended up building:

1 x AMD FX 8150 8-core processor
1 x asrock 990fx extreme3
32 gigs G. Skill Ares series ram
1 x Cooler Master m700 700 Watt psu
1 x Crucial m4 128 Gb ssd drive
Dual boot Windows 7 pro and PClinuxOS 2012
1 x ATI 6970

     Some people might not agree with my choices, but they worked for my client, their needs, and their budget, so it works for me.

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